February 2017 AZTWS Annual Business Meeting Minutes

AZTWS Annual Business Meeting

February 10, 2017

50th Joint Annual Meeting | Farmington, NM

4:30-5:30pm PM

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Call to Order and Welcome from Scott Sprague; President of the AZTWS

TWS Retired Professional Wildlife Committee (Reed Sanderson Chairman)
 Purpose-To involve retired wildlife professionals in the wildlife community.
 Will be available on the national website.
 Will be involved with state and student chapters.
 Suggests presenting this in newsletter.

Women of Wildlife (WOW) Southwest Section (Leland Pierce chairman)
 Need WOW at Southwest Section level.

Approval of 2016 JAM Business Minutes
 Jon Hanna motioned and Carol seconded. Motion carried.

Outgoing President’s Report (Scott Sprague)
 Use sound science in the management of resources.
 Employment opportunities (online) and techniques workshop.
 Next year is the 50th anniversary of AZTWS as a chapter; asking for volunteers for JAM planning.
 National TWS is in Albuquerque, NM. NM and Texas are supporting.
 Fundraising discussions.
 Board member recognition.
 Committees: Dean Pokrajac (webmaster), Callie Hartson (opportunities coordinator), Stan Cunningham (continuing education), Chris Carrillo (membership), Kay Nicholson (newsletter, election, and awards), Holly Hicks (student chapters, techniques workshop).
 Written President’s Report available.

Treasurer’s Report (Dana Warnecke)
 Report of 5 business accounts.
 Continuing education and memorial garden.
 $51,264 balance at end of year.
 420 attendees at last years JAM in Flagstaff.
 Paid for President-elect to go to national TWS
 Techniques workshop
 Pay-pal account
 Written treasurer’s report available.

Membership Report (Chris Carrillo)
 Increase in membership by 83%. 218 members this year.
 Over 300 emails go out so there is potential for increased membership.
 Exploring raffles for increasing membership.

Awards Nominations (Kay Nicholson)
 Notifications of awards have been sent and will be presented on awards night.

Election Committee Report (Kay Nicholson)
 One nomination per board position except board member-at-large which had two nominations.

Newsletter Report (Kay Nicholson)
 Posted on website quarterly.
 Wildlife and habitat restoration in the Chiricahuas, the public lands issue, San Pedro River wildlife, Oracle Road wildlife crossing.

Wildlife Memorial Garden
 Nothing to report.

Wildlife Techniques Workshop (Holly Hicks)
 This was the sixth year of the workshop.
 Attendance good. Included veterinary students from Midwestern Veterinary School.
 Capture techniques, necropsy, mobile apps, and tracking.
 April 15, 2017

Student Chapter Updates (Holly Hicks)
 NAU: weekly meetings, created a weekly newsletter, professionals as guest speakers, sent two students to the national meeting, volunteered with native fish surveys.
 ASU: meetings with professionals as guest speakers, participated in national quiz bowl, black-footed ferret spotlighting, black-tailed prairie dog trapping, Grand Canyon trip, jackrabbit survey, net gun tutorial.
 U of A: member photo contest, quiz bowl team, wash cleanups, pulled buffelgrass, built nest boxes for Lucy’s warblers, hosted net gun workshop, volunteered with bighorn sheep translocation, sent 3 members to nationals.

Board Members
 Outgoing- Mike Sorum (Recording Secretary, Dana Warnecke (Treasurer), Scott Sprague (President)
 Incoming- Kay Nicholson (President), Tiffany Sprague (President-elect), Andrew Jones (Treasurer), Melanie Tluczek (Recording Secretary), Jessica Moreno (Corresponding Secretary), Holly Hicks (Board Member), Audrey Owens (Board Member), Scott Sprague (Past-president)

2018 JAM Planning
 Volunteers, Carol Chambers, Tony Bush, Jon Hanna

National TWS (Caroline Murphy)
 Journals complementary with membership.
 Membership directory available soon.
 Mentor/Mentee function.
 Policy library will be available.
 Burro and horse position statement.


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