Enter the 2018 JAM Photo Contest

Attending the Joint Annual Meeting in February?

Enter our Photo Contest!


Download the Photo Contest Instructions here.

Cash Prizes for first place and “Best of Show!”


Photo Contest Categories

A. Wild Mammals
B. Wild Birds
C. Reptiles and Amphibians
D. Aquatic Wildlife
E. Invertebrates
F. Landscape
G. Remote Cams (specific to trail, game, remote and drone camera images)
H. Caught in the Act (wild-lifers of all ages doing wildlife work)
I. Best of Show (categories A through H only)
J. Beyond Borders (photos outside the AZ and NM border)


Photo Contest Rules:

1. All participants must be a member in good standing.
2. Limit one entry per photo sub-category; 3 total entries will be accepted.
3. Photographs must be of their own work.
4. Photographs entered in categories A through H must be taken within the Arizona or New Mexico borders. Category J is designated for photographs taken outside of Arizona and New Mexico.
5. Photographs of captive animals can’t be used.
6. Professional photographers are not eligible to enter. Amateurs only!


Instructions for Submission:

1. On-site registration only, Thursday before 5pm and Friday before 9am. Late entries will not be accepted.
2. Only photos 5”x7” to 11”x14” will be accepted.
3. Photographs must be labeled on the back with: 1) photographer’s name, 2) the category, 3) email address, and 4) cell number. A label will be made available.
4. Photographs must be mounted on poster board or matting—No glass or frames.



1. Judging is based on artistic merit and suitability by meeting participants.
2. Voting will take place Friday, February 2nd between 10am and 5pm. When your ballot is complete place it in the ballot box at the registration table.


Questions or more information please contact:
Lorraine Avenetti at lavenetti@azgfd.gov or Chrissy Kondrat-Smith at ckondrat-smith@azgfd.gov


AZTWS, NMTWS, and AFS accept no responsibility for damages to photos submitted and displayed.

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