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Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality Internship

JOB TYPE: Temporary Internship / Full-time


The ADEQ administers the Water Quality Improvement Grant (WQIG) program, which aims to reduce non-point source pollution in watersheds discharging to impaired streams across the state. Water quality impairments stem from a variety of sources, including fecal coliform, sediment, and metals. Funded projects aim to reduce these pollutants through a wide assortment of Best Management Practices such as erosion control, sediment retention, and range improvements. To confirm the effectiveness of these measures and environmental response to them, ADEQ staff qualitatively and quantitatively monitor them and report pollutant load reductions to the Environmental Protection Agency.

The summer intern will have the opportunity to gain experience in the following areas: water quality sampling, rangeland monitoring, land surveying and fluvial geomorphic survey (total station and UAV), ArcGIS/Collector/Survey123, remote environmental monitoring (Arduino), photo monitoring, grant administration, stakeholder engagement and collaboration, and state travel.

For more information contact:
Ron Tiller OR Jade Dickens /
602-762-2036 / 602-771-4115

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