Arizona Wilderness Coalition: Field Data Collection and Management Team Leader

CLOSING DATE: 7/23/2017

DEPARTMENT: Arizona Wilderness Coalition

JOB TYPE: Full Time/Temporary


Arizona Wilderness Coalitions seeks an individual to provide contract services to lead a two-person team for Wilderness Stewardship Performance (WSP) monitoring on the Tonto National Forest. This contract project is expected to extend for approximately three months, and a more detailed description of project requirements is found below.
Because of the remote location of the work site, time in the field can extend up to 10 days at a time. Each crew member will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the work location on the Tonto National Forest, which may require a vehicle with high clearance and possibly 4-wheel drive. Periodic trips to AWC’s office in Prescott, Arizona, may also be required. Individuals may submit a joint proposal that includes shared transportation, or the selected team members may arrange to share transportation between them following selection for this project.
The selected individual will be required to enter into an independent services contract with AWC, and must supply their own work clothes, backpacks, hiking boots and camping gear. Contractors must supply their own computer equipment with basic MS Office applications, and have internet access, to prepare any necessary reports or communications. Specialty equipment such as GPS, SPOT device, I Pad or Tablet with installed Arc Collector, solar charger, etc. will be provided by AWC through the length of the project. The crew Leader will be responsible for the care and return at the end of the project of any equipment provided by AWC. Veterans are encouraged to consider this opportunity.


This project will consist of hiking up to 180 miles of designated trails within the Superstition Wilderness, Tonto National Forest, collecting data for trail conditions and features that diminish opportunities for primitive and unconfined recreation, with the potential to conduct surveys for Opportunities for Solitude in select areas. Specific data will be documented and recorded directly onto a Tablet or IPad using Arc Collector. Once the data has been collected, it is the responsibility of the team leader to organize the data and produce reports. Data reports will be generated through the software and submitted to AWC’s Stewardship Coordinator (SC) bi-weekly. In addition, to the bi-weekly reports the crew leader will be responsible for submitting a written final report at the completion of the project. The contracted team leader and additional crew member will participate in a planned 4 day training. This training will include background information on protocols for collection, methods, and use of the Arc Collector. Additionally, all team members will be led in multiple field exercises to help to identify the specific trail features that will be documented.

The crew leader will be responsible for the following:
– Creation of travel and route plans prior to any time spent in the field,
– Following all check-in and check-out and medical emergency procedures as described by SC and
assigned FS points of contact,
– Maintenance of thorough and accurate data collection throughout the project,
– Bi-weekly organization and submission to the SC of trail reports (written and/or oral)
– Care for all data collection devices and handling in a safe and protected manner,
– The safe and usable return of all electronic devices,
– Transportation to and from the work area,
– Submission of detailed mileage log and any food receipts,
– Providing their own personal computer with standard MS Office software for drafting any
documentation outside of the Arc Collector software

The contractor will be compensated through fees based on percentage of total work completed. The
project is expected to take 2.5 to 3 months. It is expected the total fee will be payable in four
A modest amount of funds are also available under this contract to cover mileage and food costs
associated with this project. A detailed mileage log and food receipts will be required to obtain any

Essential Accountabilities and Functions:

Leadership & Mentorship
 Manage, supervise, and participate in day-to-day work activities of paid crews
Safety & Risk Management
 Monitor, manage, and promote paid crew’s physical and emotional safety and health
throughout the project.
 Transport paid crews and equipment safely when directed by Stewardship Coordinator.
Project Management & Implementation
 Train and motivate paid crews of various ages to efficiently complete the work goals for each
project area.
 Coordinate logistics with Stewardship Coordinator
 Ensure that supplies, tools and task assignments are organized daily for proper work completion
 Complete professional documentation of bi-weekly reports, quarterly reports, invoicing,
expense, incident reports, etc.
Physical Requirements
 Required to walk on uneven, slippery terrain, in remote and rugged areas, kneel for extended
periods of time
 Must be able to speak, read, and write English.
 Sense of humor and desire to make a positive impact for the environment
 Must be able to live and work in potentially undesirable conditions in variable weather
conditions for multiple days

Required Skills & Qualifications
 Leadership experience with volunteer groups, youth, or young adults.
 Leadership with stewardship, trail, or other conservation skills.
 Excellent organizational skills and the ability to stay on task.
 Physically fit and able to work long days in adverse weather conditions
 Bachelor Degree in Natural Resources, Environmental Studies, or similar
 Must hold a current Wilderness First Responder (or higher) and CPR certification
 Must have a valid AZ Driver License and Insurance
 Ability to work both independently and as a team member
 Ability to manage health and safety issues for physical crew work in a remote location

Preferred Qualifications
 Experience in Conservation Corps, Youth Corps, Student Conservation Corps, National Outdoor

Leadership School or similar work
 Familiar with basic data collection tools including GPS, GIS, tablets
 Participation in conservation volunteer work.
 Experience teaching environmental education or outdoor experiential education.


Interested individuals should provide a resume and two references, along with a cover letter detailing
previous experience in field data collection and your proposed equivalent hourly compensation rate or
project fee to complete this project, to Brian Stultz, Wilderness Stewardship Coordinator, in Prescott,; 928-350-2204. Deadline for submission is midnight on July 23, 2017.

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