April 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

AZTWS Board Meeting

Conference Call Minutes

April 29, 2019

3:07–3:35 p.m

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Present: Jessica Moreno (President), Andrew Jones (President Elect), Haley Nelson (Treasurer), Valerie Horncastle (Recording Secretary), Melissa Merrick (Board Member), Holly Hicks (Board Member), Clarissa Starbuck (Web master), Kinley Ragan (Historian), Tiffany Sprague (Past President), Kay Nicholson (BFUPA chair), Chris Carrillo (Membership Chair)
Board members absent: Emily Scobie (Corresponding Secretary)

Action Items:

  • Jessica will follow up with Rachel Harrow on taking over the Opportunities chair position.
  • Haley will send a check to ASU for travel reimbursement.


  • Approval of March 25, 2019 board meeting minutes – moved by Holly, seconded by Melissa; passed.
  • Motion to approve ASU receipts for travel reimbursement for JAM. Total cost was $346.24 to cover the cost of gas and part of their hotels. Moved by Andrew, seconded by Valerie; passed
  • Meeting adjournment – moved by Andrew, seconded by Valerie; passed at 3:35 p.m.


Old Business/Previous Action Items

  • Andrew will get Haley set up on all of the accounts. Done
  • Holly will finalize pricing, photos, and inventory of SWAG for the website. Need to do new inventory after techniques workshop
  • Brian will send out outreach for articles for the newsletter report. Done
  • Tiffany will update the operations manual and send to Jessica and Andrew for review. Ongoing
  • Jessica will ask the JAM planning committee about setting up a single website for JAM, rather than each chapter hosting its own. Ongoing
  • Jessica will discuss website options with Andrew (e.g., pointing our domains to WordPress rather than using GoDaddy). Ongoing
  • Jessica, Emily, and Chris will set up MemberPlanet online membership and communication system for our chapter. Ongoing
  • Tiffany to create bylaw wording for board member removal (fold this into Operations Manual revision?) Remove
  • JAM Manual Edits (Jessica/Tiffany) Ongoing
  • JAM 2020 Planning – Workshops (Tiffany/Jessica) Ongoing
    • Send any ideas you have to Jessica. David Steward is in charge of planning workshops. Current ideas for workshops:
    • Student resume
    • Wildlife Acoustics
    • Statistical Models (Program MARK, etc.)
    • Camera Trap Workshop
    • Piscicide
    • Law Enforcement Class
    • JAM 2020 will probably be in Tucson or Sierra Vista.
  • Jay N. “Ding” Darling Memorial Award for Wildlife Stewardship Through Art nominations due May 1st (Jessica) Ongoing – pass information along, nominations due Wednesday
  • Please help us recruit good candidates for the Conservation Affairs Chair, Opportunities Chair, Social Media, or Webmaster position. Ongoing
  • Send Jessica your photo for “About Us” webpage update if you have not done so. Ongoing -send photos to Jessica

Other Old Business? (All)

Current Business

  • Treasurer’s Report (Haley)
    • Haley is waiting for an invoice from Waste Management for porta potties at the Techniques Workshop. Current estimated cost is $380
    • University of Arizona and NAU have been reimbursed for their travel costs to JAM
    • A deposit has been sent in for memberships.
  • Online Shopping (Jessica/Holly)
    • Holly needs to do a new inventory since several items were sold at the techniques workshop. We also need to discuss restocking inventory. We are out of a couple of items and running low on others. Holly will try to complete the inventory before the next meeting so we can discuss.
  • Newsletter Report (Brian not on call)
    • Spring newsletter will be out tomorrow or Wednesday
    • Summer issue – deadline to submit articles is June 14th
  • Board and Award Nominations (Andrew)
    • Andrew is currently working on ideas.
  • Chair positions (Jessica)
  • We have several chair positions that we need to fill soon.
    • Webmaster (starting in May)
    • Conservation Affairs
    • Opportunities Chair
    • Social Media Outreach
    • Continuing Education – Stan would still like to be involved, but he could use some assistance
  • Diversity (Jessica) – Nothing new to report
  • Membership Report (Jessica) – Nothing new to report
  • Webmaster’s Report (Clarissa)
    • Nothing new to report, Clarissa leaves May 15.
  • Opportunities Report (Valerie/Callie)
    • Rachel Harrow has expressed interest in this position.
  • BioBlitz (Scott not on call) – No new updates
  • Conservation Affairs (Jon not on call)
    • Comment writing for I-11 proposed highway which creates a new bypass through Albert Valley which could have large effects to wildlife – Comments due June 8th
  • Borderlands Foundation for Understudied Plants and Animals (Kay)
    • They have obtained funding for studies of two species of rabbits (Lepus callotis and Sylvilagus onsonus) in Mexico and embarked on a dietary study of jackrabbits in Altar Valley. No updates on the bobcat project in the McDowell Mountains.
  • Techniques workshop (Holly not on call)
    • The workshop was a success. A total of 48 people attended the Techniques Workshop on April 13th. Students from several schools attended: ASU, NAU, Poly Tech, University of Arizona, Scottsdale Community College, and Embry Riddle. A few professionals also attended the workshop.
  • Student Liaison Report (Holly)
    • Holly received summary reports and receipts from ASU for the JAM. They submitted receipts for $346.24. We are waiting to get information from Prescott College.
  • Operations Manual (Tiffany) – No new updates

Other new business – None

Next meeting is Monday, May 20, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.

(Meeting was moved from the original scheduled day of May 27, since it is a federal holiday).

3:35 p.m. adjournment

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